The Rita A. LaChapelle Annual Memorial College Scholarship was created in December 2016 after our 85-year-old mother succumbed to a battle with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Our mother was an amazing woman known for her positive outlook on life, her high energy and upbeat attitude was incredibly infectious. During her final days, the courage she would show was absolutely unbelievable. Rita was a mentor always encouraging everyone that sought out her advice. She would tell them that they could do anything they set their mind to. Rita served her country in the U.S. Navy as a medical corpsman. In addition, she retired from the Denver Public School’s, all while raising five children. Rita was loved and adored by so many, and her impact on the lives around her went deep.

During Rita’s fight with cancer our family saw firsthand the opportunities in the health care system, and encountered the most amazing caregivers. The caregivers that stood out had one thing in common; they clearly understood the value in engaging the patient and their family in the care. For example, the three hospice nurses, Dawn, Robert, and Natasha bonded with our family in such a special way, that we cannot imagine this journey without them. As they partnered with my sisters Leslie and Lyn, and my brother Brad in our home, they would form a unique partnership, and the beneficiary was my mother and her children. Our father passed away from Alzheimer’s several years ago, and the same could be said for the care he received at the Veterans Home.

Each year the following scholarships will be awarded on Rita’s birthday, November 20:
– Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Award of $500
– Licensed Nurse (RN) or (LVN/LPN) Award of $500

The application process will require each applicant to view a short video about our mother’s final medical journey, and a submission of a personal statement describing their commitment to engaging patients and their families in care. In addition, applications will respond to some questions that are based on our mothers core values and principals that have guided her life.

The application deadline each year will fall on October 1. The award will be selected on our Mother’s birthday, November 20.

The following links will provide you with information needed to complete your application.

Tribute and Message from Rita to Grandkids
Reduce Suffering: Through the Eyes of My Mother
What Her Family Says

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