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Situational Awareness

Leadership for the future is dependent upon possessing an acute awareness of each situation a leader finds him or herself in. Possessing a greater awareness and understanding of the situation will likely result in a favorable outcome. Situational Awareness is all about from innovation opportunities to conquering cross-generational challenges, the future is perhaps the most exciting time for new leaders now more than ever.

An issue concerning many young leaders involves generational challenges in the workplace; specifically questions about Generation Y and Generation X feeling baby boomers do not allow them the autonomy to grow and learn. Leadership is changing and one of the problems facing people in the workplace is they want leadership to be today to be what it was twenty, thirty, or forty years ago. There are some principles that will never change such as ethical implications. Additional concerns include learning how to influence other people and how to best position oneself based on the situation.

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Dr. Kevin M. LaChapelle

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