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PowerMentor Case Study of Mentoring Strategies

This researcher intended to identify the effects of the PowerMentor program on male Latino students. PowerMentor Case Study was guided by the fact that Latino students have one of the highest high school dropout rates of any minority group, and very few of them continue on to college after graduating from high school. The end of high school is a dynamic chapter in students’ lives, as it is the point at which the critical process of identity development takes place. It is assumed and also reinforced by the existing research that the end of high school for most students is a period of independent exploration that may result in the negative mindset of Latino students. This research sought to develop a better understanding of the advantages that the PowerMentor program can have on the lives of Latino students, and if and how the program can increase Latino students’ tendency to return to school, earn a GED or high school diploma, and attend and graduate from college. Therefore, the researcher completed an extensive review of the literature in order to gain a better understanding of the topic and to learn from all relevant previous research.

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Dr. Kevin M. LaChapelle

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