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We are excited to ask you to join our new Membership Program. This program revolves around four group volunteer experiences (one per season) where we, as Members, will pursue a project together to help the less fortunate, get to know one another and become better leaders and people.  Our scheduled projects include the following:


• Mexico International Mobile Outreach Projects
We take part in a mobile outreach projects consisting of, medical screening, dental hygiene, education, haircuts, clothing distribution, and construction teams in Mexico. Project-based learning is key for participants. No matter what skills you bring, you can be sure that you will be an invaluable member of the team. This is a one-day trip departing on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and returning that evening.

• ‘Karen State’ International Mobile Outreach Projects
Spend one day with the team that will be traveling to Karen State for a Medical Outreach project. This project is very special in that part of the team is composed of refugees from that region that were formerly displaced, and this will be their opportunity to give back. You will help the team strategize and plan logistics while reviewing the equipment needs for the project. This is a one-day local project in San Diego.

• Mount Woodson Trail Adventure Hike Mentoring Collaborative
Join PowerMentor for a facilitated outdoor one-day adventure. This is a perfect opportunity to bring someone you are trying to Mentor as we use the beautiful outdoors as the backdrop to create an experience that is life-changing and will help you impact your mentee.

• Movie Night in the Park Outreach Project
A half-day opportunity to reach out to an inner-city community in San Diego. The day begins with passing out flyers to community members for the evening movie night in the park. Equipment set up begins as we transform a local park into an outdoor theater with a giant inflatable screen and with dynamic sound.

• Annual PowerMentor Leadership Breakfast
Of all of our events, the most memorable experience by far, has been our Annual PowerMentor Leadership Breakfast. During this 4-hour event, participants are inspired and leave energized ready to excel their leadership skills over the next year. During this event, aside from our key note speaker, current and future projects are presented by each team providing an update and opportunity for others to support their efforts.


We are offering Memberships at the Individual, Student, and Professional Levels. They also include some additional benefits, such as a resume review and polish, meet attorneys for guidance, a members’ only networking section on our website and a PowerMentor Membership ID Card. Members may optionally participate in our ‘Karen State’ Medical Outreach trip this coming winter, our Mount Woodson Trail Adventure Mentorship Retreat in the fall & our Leadership Breakfast in the Summer.

You can join now just by pressing the “Register” button below!





Other Ways to Get Involved

You can also Join us through financial support, volunteering, or providing logistical support for our projects. Networking is a critical piece of our success as we seek to connect young adults with leaders in their chosen profession. If you are looking for bright individuals seeking to grow with your organization, we are committed to developing a strategic partnership with you.


Special Projects

Projects include humanitarian and community development projects to provide outreach for community issues, locally, nationally, and internationally. If you have a project that needs support, let us partner with you. Our leaders will have the opportunity to gain practical insight, learn from your leadership, and gain the experience that will foster personal growth increasing their leadership capacity to the next level. We will partner with you to make your project successful.


Mobile Outreach Participant Application

Please fill and submit the following form by clicking here: [Mobile Outreach Participant Application].

Our Purpose

After its founding in 1999, PowerMentor continues to be a driving force in transforming individuals, communities, and organizations. Our mission is to develop future leaders, one person at a time! Our Objective is to develop future leaders through modeling positive leadership behavior, connecting passionately with the people we lead, and involving those we lead purposefully in real-life projects. Our Goal: This is achieved through a three-pronged combination of situational, transformational, and mentor leadership strategies.