Dr. Kevin LaChapelle

Founder/Executive Director


Kevin holds a Doctorate of Education in Leadership, a Master’s of Public Administration, and a Bachelor’s of Business (Minor Organizational Behavior). Kevin has also authored Overcoming Adversity, PowerMentor: The Art of Mentoring, and Please God, Don’t Let My Badge Tarnish.

The greatest accomplishments of Kevin LaChapelle are written in the lives of those whom he has mentored through the years.  YouTube videos abound with stories of his mentees, who were down on their luck before having the good fortune of meeting Kevin, Executive Director of  For Kevin brings wisdom gained from a diverse background that has included experience as a police officer, an author, an educator, healthcare administrator and, most especially and proudly, PowerMentor.

Since 1999, Kevin has been changing lives of people that he and his associates have mentored through his PowerMentor project.  The non-profit he founded develops future leaders through modeling leadership behavior, connecting with them and involving them in purposeful real-life projects. His mentees have risen to leadership roles, many going from high school dropouts to lawyers or law enforcement officers. Kevin shares his challenges with ADHD and how he overcome barriers.

Through PowerMentor, Kevin has also conducted humanitarian relief projects in Ukraine, Antigua, St. John, El Salvador, Mexico, Myanmar and elsewhere. His goal is to seek individuals in poverty-stricken areas who want to make a difference in their world. He then walks alongside them, empowering them to make their dreams come true. In Antigua, Kevin’s Anti-Gang Project utilized gang intervention strategies and strategic mentoring in a collaborative partnership with educators, social services, law enforcement, corrections, and CBO’s.

Kevin is also a health care administrator, where he is responsible for the integrity of the health care brand experience. He also teaches health care administration and leadership as Core Adjunct Professor at National University.

Kevin began his professional career as a police officer, specializing in gang intervention and community policing.  Serving from 1989 to 1995, he received the Police Star Award and, for three consecutive years, was Officer of the Year.  Subsequently, Kevin served as Board President, Grossmont Union School District, overseeing an annual budget of $210 million and responsible for 22,000 students.

Combined with his background in the health care industry, education, law enforcement, and authorship – along with a compassionate heart and a drive to help others – Kevin LaChapelle is exceptionally skilled at mentoring Generation Y leaders and teams. To view articles authored by Kevin LaChapelle, click here.