Mobile Outreach

Our Mobile Outreach Team provides amazing impact. Through community collaboration and empowerment, our team is successful with intervention outcomes...

Why We Do It

Engaging and partnering with communities is critical in sustainable projects that develop community members and strengthen their resolve.

Career Development

As our mentees transition from college to their careers, we provide key networking support to help them build a network long before they graduate college...

Why We Do It

Pairing up mentees with professionals in their chosen industry and providing opportunities to shadow the professional fosters an environment conducive to visualization for their future.

College Student Outreach

Perhaps one of our strongest talents is our ability to walk alongside college students to provide the necessary growth during often the most vulnerable time of their adult journey...

Why We Do It

Providing tutoring, partnering in their educational goals, and providing coaching is a major strength of our team as we journey in partnership to support them in reaching their personal and professional goals.

Simulation Training

The best method for learning is to combine theory and practice in actionable environments. This is exactly what our simulations are designed to accomplish....

Why We Do It

Participants are provided the opportunity to actively engage in real-to-life scenarios designed to produce stress, conflict, and challenge each team at their core to solve the dilemma. During debriefs, opportunities for improvement are discussed with action plans for professional development.

International Outreach

International Mobile Outreach provides opportunities for developing leaders to test capacities. From anti-violence initiatives to humanitarian relief projects, we stand ready...

Why We Do It

Each team member is engaged in our projects, forever impacting their life and leadership capacity. The positive impact each project leaves with the community served, has equal impact on those that return home, forever changed because of their experience.

Law Enforcement Outreach

Many of our mentees have chosen careers in criminal justice; they recognized the need for support to stay grounded and resist negative pressures of the job...

Why We Do It

From informal gatherings to more formal educational opportunities, we believe it is important to continually develop and reinforce what we believe to be critical grounding for those that face the negative indoctrination that tends to occur in this profession that has resulted in at-risk behaviors.