Charity Organization

Developing future

leaders, one person at a time!


PowerMentor welcomes your talent in supporting our efforts. We are seeking professionals with the following experience: Video productions, international project logistical support, attorneys, nurses, physicians, business professionals, and any other professionals that can provide insight for aspiring young adults developing their leadership talent.


join us

If you are interesting in helping us develop tomorrows leaders, join us through financial support, volunteering, or providing logistical support for our projects. Networking is a critical piece of our success as we seek to connect young adults with leaders in their chosen profession. If you are looking for bright individuals seeking to grow with your organization, we are committed to developing a strategic partnership with you.

our purpose

After its founding in 1999, PowerMentor continues to be a driving force in transforming individuals, communities, and organizations.

Our Mission: Developing future leaders, one person at a time! 

Our Objective: Developing future leaders through modeling positive leadership behavior, connecting passionately with the people we lead, and involving those we lead purposefully in real-life projects.

Our Vision: Leadership is defined as ones ability to influence others in their development, and supporting them in accomplishing their goals and objectives personally, professionally, and collectively within a team.

Our Goal: This is achieved through a three-pronged combination of situational, transformational, and mentor leadership strategies.

SPECIAL projects

Projects include humanitarian aid and community development projects that consist of young leaders working to resolve specific dilemmas or provide outreach for specific community issues, locally, nationally, and internationally. If you have a project that needs support, let us partner with you. Our leaders will have the opportunity to gain practical insight, learn from your leadership, and gain the experience that will foster personal growth increasing their leadership capacity to the next level. We will partner with you to make your project successful.