Strategic Mentoring

We identify individuals who are ready for change, ready for challenge, and ready to be courageous.

Leadership Development

We use vertical learning techniques to transform how leaders think, feel, and make sense of the world.

Real-to-Life Simulations

Our team creates simulations that allow people to make mistakes and learn with virtually no associated risk.

Pro Tutoring

Our team provides assessment and highly-tailored tutoring for growth-minded students and young professionals.

At PowerMentor, we develop future leaders, one person at a time.  Our members and participants learn how to break through glass ceilings, cultivate high-impact innovation, build high-trust relationships, act with deep courage and transform organizations through role-modeling and mentor-based collaborative dynamics.

Real-to-Life Projects and Simulations that Excel Vertical Learning!


Celebrating 15 Years of Service

The greatest accomplishments of PowerMentor are written in the lives of those whom we’ve mentored through the years.  Having worked hard to change lives, one person at a time for over fifteen years, we are proud that our members are now impacting countless other lives through their own purposeful projects.  PowerMentor participants have risen to leadership roles, some going from high school dropouts to attorneys, teachers, executives or law enforcement.


Theory That We Implement

Effective leaders of the future must be highly strategic thinkers who can focus on complex problems and opportunities, inspire others through superb communication, exercise exceptionally strong people skills, know when to take risk and desire to collaborate with others at fundamental levels of the enterprise.

Our Leadership Theory

Situational leadership is dependent upon specific circumstances that change, and with the changing situations, require different characteristics to effectively address the situation. Situational theory is applied through various disciplines allowing a leader to function in a diverse environment, providing the necessary structure to affect influence through leadership.

Transformational leadership encompasses a nurture component designed to motivate, inspire, and develop morale and performance of an individual or team. A sense of identity and purposeful life is a catalyst for individuals and team to thrive and substantially improve desired outcomes.

Mentor leadership involves a personalized approach to the development of an individual. The leader provides inspiration, support, open communication, and necessary feedback to foster growth in the mentee. The mentee aspires for self-development through an intrinsic motivation to accomplish desired outcomes.


We Support Communities

PowerMentor is fully equipped to support communities internationally with resources for catastrophic events as well as outreach opportunities. PowerMentor teams can be mobilized quickly and efficiently.

Capabilities include providing infrastructure for humanitarian projects such as logistical support for medical outreach, construction projects, community outreach, mobilization projects and educational events.

We are fully equipped with sophisticated communication equipment for presentations to large groups.  Our mobile audio and visual aid technologies also aid a range of other creative opportunities we are asked to support.

Law Enforcement
  • The impact of PowerMentor cannot be understated.

    Jose Orozco, Esq.
  • PowerMentor gives 110% always!

    Dr. Michael Bevis
    Organizational Psychologist
  • PowerMentor is the ultimate training and personnel professional.

  • They walked alongside of him encouraging and inspiring him to enroll in college.

    Mrs. M.
    Dedicated Mother


Ways That We Involve Teams

We provide the opportunity for participants to engage in real-life meaningful community based collaborative efforts to solve complex problems and develop leaders. Participants take the lead on select projects for truly engaged, immersive learning experiences that are enhanced by our accelerated vertical learning approach.


How We Do Our Work

  • Balanced Approachable Mentor

    The importance of a low-key, non-threatening and calm-assertive approach in leading mentees is critical.

  • Focus on Strengths Not Weaknesses

    We do not focus on a person’s weakness. Instead, we focus on what is going right in someone’s life to build confidence and create milestones.

  • Reciprocal Mentoring

    While we mentor others, we quickly learn that we are mentored by our mentees as well.

  • Never Lecture

    Instead, ask the right questions, connecting the dots, and learning what is most effective as you lead.

  • Highlight Short-Term Wins

    Continually call out the mentees improvements to build them up and reward their efforts.

  • eMentoring Opportunities

    Powerful connections can result during text messaging and chat sessions.  Generational differences require us to adapt.

  • Collaborative Relationship Building

    The most successful mentoring relationships are win win, with both equally engaged.

  • Manage Up

    Seek opportunities to effectively introduce your mentee highlighting their talent, connecting them with the right people.

  • Moment of Truth Opportunities

    Always seek opportunities to create amazing life-learning experiences that provide the foundation for future growth.


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