Get Involved

Join us through financial support, volunteering, or providing logistical support for our projects. Networking is a critical piece of our success as we seek to connect young adults with leaders in their chosen profession. If you are looking for bright individuals seeking to grow with your organization, we are committed to developing a strategic partnership with you.

Our Purpose

After its founding in 1999, PowerMentor continues to be a driving force in transforming individuals, communities, and organizations. Our mission is to develop future leaders, one person at a time! Our Objective is to develop future leaders through modeling positive leadership behavior, connecting passionately with the people we lead, and involving those we lead purposefully in real-life projects. Our Goal: This is achieved through a three-pronged combination of situational, transformational, and mentor leadership strategies.

Special Projects

Projects include humanitarian and community development projects to provide outreach for community issues, locally, nationally, and internationally. If you have a project that needs support, let us partner with you. Our leaders will have the opportunity to gain practical insight, learn from your leadership, and gain the experience that will foster personal growth increasing their leadership capacity to the next level. We will partner with you to make your project successful.

Strategy is nothing without execution

What We Do

  • Strategic Mentoring

  • Leadership Development

  • Real-to-Life Simulations

  • Life Coaching

Our Services

  • International Humanitarian Projects

  • Inspirational Speaking Engagements

  • Consulting Services

Our Leadership Theory

  • Situational leadership is dependent upon specific circumstances that change, and with the changing situations, require different characteristics to effectively address the situation. Situational theory is applied through various disciplines allowing a leader to function in a diverse environment, providing the necessary structure to affect influence through leadership.

  • Transformational leadership encompasses a nurture component designed to motivate, inspire, and develop morale and performance of an individual or team. A sense of identity and purposeful life is a catalyst for individuals and team to thrive and substantially improve desired outcomes.

  • Mentor leadership involves a personalized approach to the development of an individual. The leader provides inspiration, support, open communication, and necessary feedback to foster growth in the mentee. The mentee aspires for self-development through an intrinsic motivation to accomplish desired outcomes.

Meet Our Team

  • Kevin holds a Doctorate of education, Master’s of Public Administration, and a Bachelor’s of Business (Minor Organizational Behavior)

  • Jose holds a Juris Doctorate, and a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy.

  • Lalo is currently working toward his doctorate, and holds a Master’s Degree, and a Bachelor’s in Human Development.

  • Irving holds a Juris Doctorate, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

  • Jose leads a local Church, and is employed as an Operations Manager. He is committed to impacting his community.

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